VW Golf MK7 GTI GTD Front Dimpled And Grooved Brake Discs


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  • Brake Disc Diameter 312mm
  • Thickness 25mm
  • Height 50mm
  • Spigot Diameter 65mm
  • PCD 112

HALO Dimpled And Grooved Brake Discs

Improve the looks and performance of your brake system with our HALO Dimpled And Grooved brake discs, when it comes to stopping your vehicle it’s the job of the brake disc to convert kinetic energy into heat, so choosing a brake disc is an important step in improving your brake system, HALO brake discs are carefully chosen for the quality and value to provide a long life and optimum performance.

Road and Track Use

HALO brake discs perform on the road and on the track but as you can imagine the temperatures achieved on the track are usually much higher than seen under normal road use, if using on the track it’s important that extra care is taken during fitment and post fitment.

Ensure the hubs are cleaned before fitment

Ensure there is no excess free play in wheel bearings

Ensure the brake discs are running true before use by measuring run-out

Ensure the brake caliper pistons and slides are move freely checking slides for wear

Ensure tightening torques are adhered too

Post Fitment

After fitment and road-testing re-check the wheel torque, this is especially important when using on track use after several laps, as the heat absorbed by the brake discs will transmit through to the wheel hub and wheel, this causes your components to expand and may lead to reduced wheel tightening torque. This will lead to brake vibrations when braking and may permanently damage your brake discs and ruin your track day enjoyment. Please note however we do not offer warranty for use on track.

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