Mintex Ceratec Anit Brake Squeal Lubricant X3 ( 75ml )


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  • No metallic content so will not effect ABS sensors
  • Non stick so does not attract dirt
  • Effectively prevents brake squeal
  • Safer on brake components and more effective than copper slip

Mintex Ceratec Anti Brake Squeal Lubricant
Mintex Ceratec is a revolutionary, non-metallic, lubricant designed specifically for use on brake pad applications to prevent brake squeal and protect against corrosion.

For years copper slip has been the go to lubricant for brake calipers and pads, but the metallic element can have an adverse effect on ABS sensors causing faults. It can also promote corrosion between steel and aluminium components. Mintex Ceratec has no metal content, and so it is a better option to use for brake components. It also has a higher temperature rating which is ideal for brake calipers.

Ceratec should be used on caliper slides where the pad makes contact, caliper sliding pins and on the pad back where it contacts the piston. This will keep the pads sliding freely and help prevent any unwanted squeal.

X3 75ml tube


  • Brand Mintex



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