HALO Braided Lines for Ford Focus MK2 2.5 Turbo ST 225


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GIVE YOURSELF A COMPETITIVE EDGE Small details can give you an edge over winning or losing on the track and nothing goes over looked, being able to brake later into the corners with good pedal feedback can be the difference between wining or losing a race. Brakes systems are a key factor components like brake discs and brake pad compounds play such an important role, but did you know so do the brake hoses! Brake hoses are often over-looked when upgrading brakes on road going or track day vehicles very often the OEM rubber hoses remain fitted. Fitting HALO braided brake lines will improve your braking performance and pedal feedback on the track and on the road, you will lose the spongy feel often felt with rubber hoses and more importantly you will be squeezing every pound of pressure and apply that force where it matters, to the pads.