Focus MK2 ST225 Front Brake Discs and Pads Fast Road Track Day


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  • Brake Disc Diameter 320mm
  • Thickness 25mm
  • Height 48.5mm
  • Spigot Diameter 63.5mm
  • PCD 5 x 108mm

Halo Dimpled and Grooved Performance Brake Discs Axle Set

These are a firm favourite for many of our customers with the classic drilled and grooved appearance, but without the pitfalls of having a through drilled disc or more commonly described as cross drilled disc. Cross drilled discs allow channelling of hot gasses into the tunnel section of the brake discs in aid to assist the cooling of the discs, however for most brake discs this has a serious flaw resulting in hot spot surrounding the holes often resulting in cracking originating from the holes.

Halo dimpled and grooved brake discs overcome this problem and offer additional reliability over cross drilled discs, the dimples work in much of the same way allow gasses to sink into the small pockets and immediately escaping once the pocket has passed the pad surface, the grooves also carry out the same task but also help to de-glaze your brake pads and assist with parallel brake pad wear.

As our stock is cycled the discs supplied may or may not have a anti-corrosion coating around the hub area, some discs may even be Geomet coated depending on the specific application, if this is important to you please check with us before purchasing.

Mintex Racing M1144 Pads

The M1144 racing pads are a high friction high temperature brake pad compound suitable for fast road use and light track day use.

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