Focus 2.5 ST Rear Brake Discs and EBC Yellowstuff Pads


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  • Rear C Hook Grooved Brake Discs (280 x 11 mm 5 Stud Solid)
  • Yellowstuff Brake Pads
  • Track Day or Fast Road

A pair of Rear C Hook Grooved HALO brake discs supplied with a  set of EBC Yellowstuff brake pads to fit the Ford Focus 2.5 ST (225), this combination is suitable for fast road and or occasional track days, no modification is required for this brake setup.

  • Brand HALO
  • Placement on Car Rear
  • Country/Region of Manufacture United Kingdom
  • MPN 10000015176
  • Features Grooved Surface


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BD1298C, DP41749R