Plant List

Leadwell V32-iF Machining Centre

Our V32-iF is an extremely capable machine, the machine control is the Fanuc oi-mf that also has the conversational manual guide-i for fast one the machine programming of simple parts that require drilling, tapping, slotting and profiling etc.

  • X Travel 800mm
  • Y Travel 520mm
  • Z Travel 610mm
  • Table is 890 x 500mm
  • 20 Bar Through Coolant 10,000 RPM Spindle
  • Fast 48 Mtr/Min Rapids
  • 14.7HP Spindle
  • 24 Tool Changer Carousel
  • BT40 Spindle
  • Swarf Auger and Chip Conveyor


This was our first machine in our portfolio, just like our Leadwell V32 this too is a very capable machining centre, firstly the control for this machine is Siemens 810D that is also equipped with the conversational programining software "Shopmill", we also have the same software on our PC for offline programming. The machine construction is very sturdy owing to this is a boxway machine with solid castings making this particulary suitable for machining tough materials.

  • X Travel 710mm
  • Y Travel 450mm
  • Z Travel 510mm
  • 8000 RPM Spindle
  • Table 760 x 430mm
  • 20 Mtr/Min Rapids
  • Solid Boxway

Chester Machine Tools Band Saw

To obtain great prices on stock we often have to purchase in bulk, this bulk stock is then cut up in-house on our band saw to a size close to finished parts taking into consideration work holding / fixturing. The band has multiple speeds and feed adjustment with coolant for cutting a wide range of materials, for example;

  • Stainless Steel
  • Construction Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass

Guyson F1400 Bead Blast Cabinate

Suitable for small to medium sized parts, we commonly use aluminium oxide medium within our cabinate for part finishing, this substrate give a finish similar to that of a fine wet and dry rub down, capable of removing small blemishes and machine tool marks of soft to medium materials.

30w Raycus Fibre Laser

Used for marking of metallic components, can be used to add branding, part numbers, batch data etc, can also mark cylindrical items using the 4th axis rotary table.