Bigger Brakes without the Big Price Tag!

An alternative option for a Big Brake conversion is to take an OEM brake caliper and OEM brake discs and adapt them to fit an alternative vehicle which usually works out much less than a typical big brake conversion from the likes of AP Racing and other top brands.



The first step in this process is the desired brake disc diameter and brake caliper, we commonly use Brembo brake caliper or EBC Apollo brake calipers for our conversions.


CAD Modeling

Our next step to to obtain dimensions from the vehicles hub assembly, wheel diameter amongst other dimensions and begin modelling the adaptor brackets in our CAD Design software


CNC Machining

Once the adaptors have been modelled and were happy with the looks and structural integrity we will machine the adaptors using our our high performance machining centres. The materials we use for the adaptors is usually Aluminium T6 6082 which is a high strength aluminium alloy.