Halo Precision Engineering LTD, founded in 2018 by Paul Froggatt a keen automotive engineer with 27 years experience in the industry.

Halo's expertise currently lies firmly with CNC Milling, we currently have in our portfolio a XYZ 710 VMC and a Leadwell V-32IF, the 710VMC is equipped with a Siemens controller and the V-32iF has the Fanuc control system. Both CNC machines can be programmed in ISO G code or using the on board conversational programming software, both machines also accept G code which is generated by CAD CAM software with the relevant post processors.

CNC Turning is available as a sub contract service so should your part have mix of milling and turning we are able to assist.

Amongst the CNC machining centres, we also have a range of typical measuring tools such as digital Vernier's, Micrometres and cylinder bore gauges, for moving heavy components we a 3 tonne pallet truck, and a 1 tonne crane.

Our machine specification for the 710 VMC

  • 500 kg max table load
  • Table 760mm x 430mm
  • X 710mm, Y 450mm and Z 510mm
  • 20 hp spindle motor
  • 24 station tool carousel
  • BT40 tool holder
  • 8000 RPM
  • Boxway guides for increased rigidity
  • Machine weight 4000 kg
  • Rapid feed rates 20 metre / min.


Our machine specification for the V-32iF

  • 500kg max table load
  • Table 800 x 500
  • X Travel 800
  • Y Travel 520
  • Z Travel 610
  • 10,000 RPM 24hp spindle motor
  • Machine weight 5400 kg
  • Rapid feed rates of 48 metre /min.
  • 20 bar through coolant spindle
  • Fanuc Control with Manual Guide i 10.4"

When setting up we use accurate 3D taster probes in our machining centres to set up the coordinate system and also to verify dimensions of finished parts.

The fixturing we use will vary subject to the job requirement, however we believe quality fixturing is paramount to the finish specification so we use Gerardi vices, Bison vices, and Bison chucks for holding work pieces, custom fixturing can also be machined where required.


Guyson F1400 Blast Cabinet

Guyson F1400 Blast Cabinet

  • Internal blast chamber dimensions (W x D x H) mm 815 x 560 x 591

Our guyson blast cabinet is great for finishing parts to remove minor marking and to dull surfaces to prepare for further finish work. The cabinet is able to take a range of blast media but we commonly use saftigrit brown.

Guyson Brown Saftigrit is a premium quality brown alumina manufactured by reduction melting from high grade bauxite in an electric arc furnace using the block method. It is also referred to as Brown Bauxilite, Brown Fused Alumina and Brown Corundum.

It is an extremely durable and tough alumina with low metallic iron content and is ideal for applications where fast cutting and consistent quality is required. Additionally, this is the most economic virgin alumina available.

Available to Rolls Royce CSS12 quality standard.


Cleaning, Removing Corrosion and Other Surface Deposits, Roughening, Etching and Decorating.

High quality, durable abrasive with low metallic iron content. With a fast cutting, tough, long lasting character and consistent quality, this abrasive is specified by leading aircraft and automotive component manufacturers.