About Us

Established in 2018 by Paul Froggatt, an automotive engineer with 29 years and counting experience in automotive engineering. Nowadays we mainly concentrate on CNC machining using our Vertical Machining Centre to produce high quality parts for a wide range of industry sectors for commercial and private sectors.

Brake Caliper Adaptors
Braided Brake Hoses
Hydraulic Flanges

Custom Brake Caliper Conversion Adaptors

The brake caliper adaptors above were one of the first adaptor brackets we manufactured and are still very popular, CNC machined from billet T6 6082 and then hard anodised to provide a long lasting barrier to the elements and finally inserted with stainless steel wire inserts to give a strong thread.

Braided Brake Hoses

To complement our custom brake components we now manufacture in-house a large range of brake hoses, these are branded as either HEL which most of us have heard of and our own brand HALO, each brand is manufactured using the same high quality stainless steel lines, fittings and fasteners.

Hydraulic Flange Units

The above hydraulic flanges were CNC machined from billet steel, the largest billet weighing in at over 72KG, the design was provided by our customer in the form of an IGES file which we then created a native Autodesk file with our Fusion360 CAD/CAM software, from here on we programmed the toolpaths and generated the machine code.  We can create a range of parts using your own IGES files, Solidworks, SolidEdge and other popular formats.

To get a quote simply drop us an email with your request or call us on 01246 720215