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CNC Machine Shop - Automotive Engineering

Precision CNC Machining and Automotive Engineering is a core business


What we do ...

CNC Machining - Automotive Engineering

  • Parts Manufacture
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Engine Building

Machining your parts from a drawing or 3 dimensional model to precision tolerances is a complex task and can be costly, but utilising modern cnc machining centres combined with state of the art software helps to optimise fixturing and machining speed which helps to reduce the overall cost from design idea to production.

Our vertical cnc machining centres are fast and powerfull to cut through material fast, our lastest edition to our plant list is the Leadwell V32 iF, this machine has a 20 bar through coolant 10,000 RPM spindle which is awesome for drilling or milling deep pockets, this machine is equipped with the Fanuc controller which includes manual guide-i for on the machine conversational programming.

We also have in-house CAD and CAM facilities which we use for more complex tasks, such as part design, part modelling and fixture creation. The CAM we use to generate advanced toolpaths and machine simulations, we often use this to software assist in creating quotes as it can calculate the reasonably accurate machining times, before we even cut a single chip.

Customer Satisfaction

We are passionate engineers with a drive for excellence and your satisfaction is our upmost priority.

As we are new small business we are not yet ISO9001 accredited, but we do have big ambitions, we use manufacturing MRP and MPS software to track job progress and stock movement, we also have stock traceability.