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CAD / CAM is term used for computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing, here at Halo we use top level software which gives us the ability to verify part dimensions aid in design and also produce high quality efficient tool paths to ensure your parts are machined in the most cost effective manner.


We carryout cnc machining for various industries and the components will range in size, material and quantity, from one-offs to batches of hundreds. We have machined a range of components such wheel spacers and brackets for cars and motorcycles, tooling for aerospace, flanges for oil and gas and simple tasks such as drilling bolts for the fitment of R clips slit pins for the construction industry.


A key area in the production of parts is the ability to manage multiple resources for multiple products, for this reason with use professional ERP and MRP software, ERP means enterprise resource planning and MRP means material resource planning. This software gives us the ability to record and manage workshop loading, parts ordering and product traceability.